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1969 Pontiac Firebird 350 Convertible

Posted on January 8, 2014   

Sunburst orange Firebird that has been in my Canadian family since 1972. Originally bought for my grandmother, it was last driven by my grandfather to bring my mother to her wedding in 1986. A week later he had a stroke, and it had been parked ever since until July 2012. The car is in great condition, everything considered, with original seats, colour, engine, roof, wire hubcaps, radio -- everything. Was in an accident X years ago, and cheaply fixed using body putty. Minor surface rust on the base of the rear quarter panels. In the summer, (cause I'm from Winnipeg) it is my daily driver [and first car!]. If you want to hear the whole story behind this car - please contact me, it's quite a story.


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  • Paul (Owner)

    January 8, 2014


    This car came with the PMD Wire hubcaps. One day I caught some kid trying to steal them. Since they are rarer and valuable, I decided to source a cheaper set of PMD hubcaps.

    While I was at Canadian Tire, a man approached me about the car, and said that he loves seeing the younger generation enjoying these cars. He offered to sell me a set of PMD hubcaps he no longer has any need for. After a 6 pack of beer and a conversation with half of his block, he sold the dome PMD hubcaps (see pictures) to me for $60 CAD.

    The wires are reserved for carshows, and the domes are used for everyday driving.

  • Paul (Owner)

    January 8, 2014

    ENGINE The engine out of the garage was completely seized. As a result, the only way we could get the engine to spin was to bore it out. Then, to make the car more *practical* we added a new ignition, and replaced the old point based distributor, along with the 4 barrel carb. The exhaust had completely rusted away (not salvageable), so we placed a full new Magnaflow dual stainless steel exhaust kit on it.


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